Thursday, 21 February 2013

Jeremy Middleton, the FTSE-200 company co-founder

February 15, 2010 From Procter & Gamble in politics, and investing in start-ups and hiking some of the: Karen Dent meets the FTSE-200 company founders turned venture capitalist Jeremy Middleton. DIRECTOR Jeremy Middleton wanted to keep busy. There are nine small companies in an investment portfolio, betting on the FTSE-200 company HomeServe and a few months later hectic political future - plus plans for a trip to the mountains of South America's biggest before the end of the year. "I have quite an eclectic range of interests," he said. "Making the beginning of your career and are interested in getting ahead and start a business, that's what I did. But once things started to become quite successful, I see other things that are challenging and worthwhile. ' "Simply Successful" is a way of describing HomeServe insurance and maintenance company, which is now worth about 1 billion pounds. Middleton permanent executive committee. It comes with the business consulting Middleton will walk friend Richard Harpin, whom he met while both worked at Procter & Gamble in Newcastle. "I'm always trying to find a great business idea and with Richard, we set up a whole series of different businesses based in Osborne Road, where we started," said by Middleton. "One of HomeServe developed and become very successful. At one stage, when it was clearly successful, Richard and I looked at each other in the eye and decided that he wanted to focus exclusively on driving business HomeServe and I wanted to make something different. ' Harpin, now lives in York, moved to the area in HomeServe, now based in the Midlands - from which comes Middleton himself. But for him, the North East now at home - even though he freely admits that he can fulfill his political ambitions when she moved to another place. "I thought I would have a good chance to go into politics, becoming a member of parliament at the time I wanted if I was ready to move," he said. "But I'm not really keen to move for personal reasons, and I do not want to represent the area that I live. There are many other ways to engage your community. ' He was on the 'list' David Cameron MP potential for several years before deciding to withdraw, and he said he has no desire to spend his life in the House of Commons. "I decided there were too many things to do in life and if you really want to succeed in politics, you have an exclusive focus on it," said Middleton. "And I am ready to focus exclusively on it when I was 30, but I'm ready now when there are other things I want to do, where the business is one of them. "I was close enough to see what is involved and I think the people who get to the top of the political parties, the popular harm them, but they are usually pretty talented people are still - and the demands made on them is outstanding. "You want to do anything else at any point of time in your life - and I'm quite happy not to do that! I am quite happy with my contribution. ' Contributions as the current chairman of the Conservative National Convention, the party voluntarily post, and he was deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Council. Middleton said: "I am very involved in the planning for the elections from the perspective of volunteers - I'm only doing this for a few years, this particular position. "I've done almost a year and I might do two, but if you are a capitalist and conservative, then it is time to do so. "I think we're in one of those times where there is a prospect of significant change of the direction of state and government, so it's a bit like 1945 for the Labour Party or the Conservative Party in 1979 and for 2010 is the opportunity to be part of the change in direction . "And watch the scene of major events is an interesting thing to be - contributor and watch but not a player, not a politician" Business, Middleton businesses large fund start-up companies based in the North East, often in conjunction with the North Star, and he has a different investment property. "I want to put my money where my mouth is and see if we make the right investment decisions and help people develop their business into something more meaningful," he said. "I'm involved with nine small businesses. When I reached out successfully, then I'll do another one but I do not intend to expand the number of businesses I am involved with. "They say you start with a portfolio in which you can invest in the business 10 - this is what people always say venture capital - and you're looking for one that actually works. "You expect three or four of them may not survive, you can expect three or four of them just bumble along, and you're looking for one or two of these ideas actually work. "Now the point in which you have invested, you think of great people, great ideas, can be a tremendous business. But whether private equity investment or business angel investing, there are so many things that can fall objects, high risk so you need to do some. '

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